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Western-Style Recipe・Deep-fried Tulip (Chicken Wing) Nutmeg Flavored

Tulip, it does not mean a variety of flowers; It's a chicken wing that meat is partially separated from bone to make it easy to pinch by hand.
Its shape resembles tulip, so it is called tulip. It is rich in gelatin and delicious, in addition it is affordable. For your party case, please prepare chicken wings for about two kilograms.
Cooking procedure is very simple; chicken wings are marinated with flour, nutmeg and Marunaka soy sauce, and then they are deep fried with vegetable oil. Both nutmeg and Marunaka soy sauce get along very well with each other. In this case, salt is needless because such an authentic Marunaka soy sauce itself contains enough genuine salt.
  Your boy friend or husband is sure to admire you, “I have never experienced such a delicious karaage (fried chicken)!” while it's a pretty simple recipe.
This excellent recipe also catches hold of appetite and heart of your adolescent son in his rebellious age!
Mere hang of this recipe is to rub chicken wings in marinade well with paying attention not to break tulip shape. Please rub them enough (It can disperse your mental stress), then set them aside at least fifteen minutes, desirably overnight. Deep fry them.


2 kg Chicken wing
  150 g Flour
2 Tablespoon nutmeg
50 cc Marunaka soy sauce
Fresh vegetable oil (olive oil or rapeseed oil is recommended)

1. In a large resealable plastic bag, combine chicken wings, Marunaka soy sauce, nutmeg, and flour;  Press air out of a bag, and rub over a bag; Set aside for over fifteen minutes.
2. Heat vegetable oil to medium heat; Deep fry for 4-5 minutes. Tulip is easy to heat inside, so needless to fry twice. Try while still hot.

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